Love Never Fails.


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THE BELIEF IN               A LOVE.

  THE BELIEF IN                A FRAME.


We were filled with a full of passion and desires capturing the real moments in a real love before ASF began in 2014.

Six years, capturing the countless essence of loves later, we've grown to realize the love is never defeated, at least in a frame while rolling in a camera.

The frame is honest ; The love never fails.

Every couple is our source of passion for learning the love.

We are going to show you how to bloom your wonderful stories in a frame.

April Story FIlms
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"...Until we found April Story films. Seeing their work on their website, we knew that these guys were it not only because the deciding factor was that the Hubs wouldn't fall asleep watching their work.

  Their professionalism is beyond their own industry standards along with their dedication and tenacity which can't be measured.

  It is transparent that they love what they do through their extreme attention to detail. They capture the essence of YOU by really taking the time to get to know you and what you would like hence creating a video that uniquely defines you as this exceptional couple.

 You will have a set expectation from them but expect to be utterly surprised by the artistic talents of Sung and Josh..."


                      Caroline & Deniz


—  Name, Title

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